How it works

Cycle Limited prides itself on buying and selling premium used bikes that are in good to excellent condition. We encourage you to accurately describe your bike to the best of your ability to ensure we are able to accurately quote your bike.

How to submit your bike

  • Submit your bike on our website by simply filling out the sell/trade form.
  • Take quality, well lit photos of the bike’s left and right sides highlighting any and all areas with damage such as rim, frame or stanchion scratches, dents, including any and all imperfections.

Once your bike is submitted you will receive an offer within 24 hours via email. This will consist of either a cash or store credit offer. Additionally, a prepaid shipping label will be factored in to the offer.

Bike Requirements

  • The bike must have an original MSRP of $2,000.00,  or more.
  • Must be the model year 2010, or newer.
  • If the bike has an electric drivetrain,  or is an e-bike with a battery, the charger must come with the bike.
  • We do not buy bikes that have been structurally compromised such as cracked or repaired frames, forks, wheels, or rear triangle, etc.
  • We do not buy bikes without missing forks, wheels, missing rear triangles, or proprietary parts for the bike.

* Cycle Limited reserves the right to alter our offer or deny a bike when it arrives at our facility if the bike has any damage that was not noted when submitting the bike.

What’s next?

After the offer is accepted you will receive an email requesting the following information about the owner of the bike:

  • ‍Drivers License/form of identification.
  • Size of the box you will be using to ship the bike in. Length x Width x Height.
  • Phone Number.
  • Address (where the bike will be picked up).
  • Day and time for pickup via UPS.
  • After this information is received, you will receive your prepaid shipping label via email.
  • Please pack your bike well to ensure it arrives safely and undamaged at our facility. Click here to see how to pack your bike!
  • Once your bike arrives, it will be inspected to ensure the bike has been described accurately.
  • Funds are sent within 24 business hours of the arrival of your bike.


  • Cash payments are funded through PayPal. You will not be charged any PayPal fees.
  • ‍Store credit is funded via email and valid on our website.
  • Payments are sent within 24 business hours of your bike’s arrival at our Boca Raton, Florida facility.