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Cycle Limited Trade-In Partners are trusted local bike shops who've teamed up with us to revolutionize the bike buying process; Unlock the value of your customers old bike for credit towards a new one in a simple, easy, and fast process.

Increase new bike sales

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Differentiate yourself from other shops

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• Cycle Limited offers a convenient hassle-free way for your customers to trade in their used bikes for cash. Lock in that sale!

• You are only responsible for inspecting and boxing the bike.

• Cycle Limited will provide a prepaid shipping label.


Submit at least 2 photos of the bike along with a short description.

Cycle Limited will provide you with an offer via email within 24 hours.

Once the offer is accepted, pack the bike. You will receive a prepaid shipping label to send the bike to our facility.

Once Cycle Limited has received the bike, funds will be sent within 24 hours.

Increase new bike sales

Increase your shop’s new bike sales by offering your customers store credit. We buy your customer’s pre-owned bike from you. Store credit generated by this appealing process helps lock in your shop’s new bike sale. That older, desirable bike becomes a valuable asset to your customer and to you. 

No Packing & Shipping Needed

Cycle Limited will provide a pre-paid shipping label to have the bike shipped from your shop to our facility.

Differentiate Your Shop from others

Offer your customers value in a unique way by allowing them to trade in their current bike for a new one from you in a fast, effective, and easy process.

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If you’re a bike shop here in the U.S. and are looking to enhance what you can offer to your customers while benefiting from our unique business model, register here now!