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Cycle Limited Trade-In Partners are trusted local bike shops who've teamed up with us to revolutionize the bike buying process; Unlock the value of your customers old bike for credit towards a new one in a simple, easy, and fast process.

Increase new bike sales

No packing & shipping needed

Differentiate yourself from other shops

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Increase new bike sales

Increase your shop’s new bike sales by offering your customers store credit. We buy your customer’s pre-owned bike from you. Store credit generated by this appealing process helps lock in your shop’s new bike sale. That older, desirable bike becomes a valuable asset to your customer and to you. 

No Packing & Shipping Needed

Packing and shipping a bike is a hassle. Your shop’s valuable time spent boxing expensive bikes, which can be damaged in transit, make shipping a customer’s valuable bike a thing of the past. Cycle Limited makes everything easy by picking up the fully assembled bike at your shop.

Differentiate Your Shop from others

Offer your customers value in a unique way by allowing them to trade in their current bike for a new one from you in a fast, effective, and easy process.

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If you’re a bike shop here in the U.S. and are looking to enhance what you can offer to your customers while benefiting from our unique business model, register here now!