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Shop new and certified pre-owned used bike frames with Cycle Limited. Shop our vast selection of Road, Mountain, Gravel/Cyclocross, TT/Triathlon bikes from top brands like Specialized, Trek, Giant, & more.

cyclist riding a bicycle on a mountain trail

Road Bike Frames

Choosing the right road bike frame is essential for optimal performance and comfort. At Cycle Limited, we offer a wide range of frames to suit every cyclist's needs. Whether you prefer the lightweight and vibration-dampening qualities of carbon fiber or the rigidity and affordability of aluminum, we have it all. Frame geometry is also key; select from aggressive designs for speed and aerodynamics or endurance geometries for comfort on long rides. Remember, the correct frame size is crucial for a comfortable fit. With our diverse selection, finding your perfect road bike frame at Cycle Limited is easier and more convenient than ever.

Mountain Bike Frames

Selecting the ideal mountain bike frame is vital for a superb riding experience, and Cycle Limited offers an extensive range to cater to every mountain biker's needs. Choose from robust and lightweight carbon fiber frames for agility and shock absorption, or opt for the sturdiness and cost-effectiveness of aluminum. The frame geometry is pivotal in determining your bike's handling; aggressive geometries enhance maneuverability for challenging trails, while more relaxed geometries provide comfort for longer rides. Additionally, deciding between a full-suspension frame for diverse terrain or a hardtail for efficiency on smoother trails is key. With Cycle Limited’s diverse collection, finding the perfect mountain bike frame to match your riding style and preferences is both simple and satisfying.

Gravel/Cyclocross Bike Frames

Finding the right gravel or cyclocross bike frame is essential for a fulfilling off-road experience, and Cycle Limited offers a comprehensive assortment to suit every rider's preference. Whether it's the resilience and lightness of carbon fiber frames for responsive handling or the durability and affordability of aluminum, we provide a range of options. The geometry of the frame plays a critical role in your bike's performance; choose from frames designed for quick and agile handling on cyclocross courses or those tailored for the comfort and stability needed on long gravel rides. Additionally, selecting the appropriate frame size is crucial for a comfortable and efficient ride. At Cycle Limited, our wide selection makes it easy to find the ideal gravel or cyclocross bike frame to suit your adventurous spirit and riding demands.

TT/Triathlon Bike Frames

Selecting the perfect time trial (TT) or triathlon bike frame is crucial for achieving peak performance, and Cycle Limited provides a wide array of options to meet the specific needs of every triathlete. Our selection includes both carbon fiber frames, known for their lightness and aerodynamic efficiency, and aluminum frames, valued for their strength and cost-effectiveness. The geometry of these frames is meticulously designed to optimize aerodynamics and rider positioning for speed and efficiency, essential in time trial and triathlon events. Also, choosing the right frame size is fundamental for ensuring a comfortable and powerful riding position. With Cycle Limited's extensive collection, discovering the ideal TT or triathlon bike frame to enhance your competitive edge and suit your racing style is both straightforward and convenient

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