2022 Bad Habit Race At Markham Park

Mountain bike racing is all about serious fun and energetic competition and is excitingly contagious! South Florida cross country mountain bike racing invites all levels of active competitiveness. Because of a healthy mountain biking population and a rather welcoming climate, the racing continues through much of the calendar year.

South Florida’s mountain biking parks are splattered across this warm, tropical region and they are phenomenally challenging. Singletrack trail systems here are designated unidirectional and offer riders constant pedaling, technical rolling elevation with seemingly endless cornering. These superbly constructed and manmade trails are mostly under-the-radar to the rest of the country’s knowledge. When racers and riders arrive from another state, they are surprised at how fantastic it is to mountain bike here and the trail system at Markham Park in Sunrise, FL doesn’t disappoint!

The Bad Habit 4-hour racecourse is based on a lap format. Top experts complete each lap in 23 to 25 minutes and can crank out 9 or 10 laps while Sport, Base, and Novice racers complete 5 to 8 laps during the 4 hours of mud, sweat, and gears. Teams usually complete 7 to 9 laps, on average, and each team rider races 1 lap at a time.

The event grounds offer plenty of parking and ideal vendor tent and booth locations for everyone to enjoy and peruse throughout the day. The race venue is top-shelf and very professionally represented yet still has that old school grassroots feel which is welcoming. Cycle Limited’s crew sure had a blast talking with everyone about racing, riding, and mountain biking in general and we’re glad everyone had a great day at the 2022 Bad Habit Race! See you at the next South Florida mountain bike race!