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New & Used Cannondale Bikes For Sale

Shop certified pre-owned used & new Cannondale bikes with Cycle Limited. Cannondale bike categories encompass a wide range of cycling styles, including road, mountain, gravel, triathlon, electric (E-bikes), and cyclocross bikes, each tailored to specific riding needs and preferences.

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Cannondale Bikes

Before mountain bikes existed this little Connecticut bike company began building bikes with materials like carbon fiber and aluminum while everyone else was still using only steel.  From their performance-driven, unique suspension designs to their ability to build such machines as motorcycles, Cannondale continues to build superior racing bikes of all categories including road, mountain, gravel, and eBikes.  Professional racing teams adore their racing bikes just as consumers love these lightweight, sultry bicycles with a name that’s recognized across the globe.  Whether riders desire long-travel full-suspension bikes capable of swallowing the most insane trails, carving up the pavement in a road racing criterium, or their tiny legs are cranking away on a kid’s bike that just had the training wheels removed, Cannondale outfits everyone’s cycling needs.

Cannondale Road Bikes

With recognizable model names such as SystemSix Hi-MOD, SuperSix EVO, Topstone, Synapse, SuperX, and adding in technical monikers such as “Hi-MOD,” how can these road rockets be anything but fast and cool? Light, stiff, able to handle a couple thousand watts, or more, with race winning pedigree, Cannondale road bikes are perched atop the heavenly pile of road bike manufacturers and they’re not looking back. Professionals continue winning grand tour stages and all-day classics on these slick, stealthy, fast, efficient, race-focused bicycles. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur or you’re the local speedy rider, these road bicycles are engineered to get you to the finish line first.

Cannondale Mountain Bikes

Built and crafted for more fun on two wheels in the dirt, Cannondale offers trail, and XC – cross-country, racing bikes with several model variations of their complete bike lineup. The racy, stiff, and light carbon fiber FS-i hardtail, the Scalpel hardtail, and the Scalpel full-suspension models would be enough on their own to complete an entire lineup of great bikes. On top of these designs, Cannondale’s lighter Hi-MOD complete builds shed weight and increase frame stiffness delighting mountain bikers owning and riding Cannondale mountain machines. Designed and built for cross country pleasure riding or XC racing, with longer travel front and rear suspension mountain bicycle models available from Cannondale include the Scalpel, Habit, and Jekyll. Cannondale’s proprietary plush, stiff, buttery smooth show stopping Lefty Ocho and Lefty Oliver front suspension turns heads everywhere. Lefty forks are tuned to perform with smooth, razor-sharp precision on the inside line while roasting climbs and closing the gap to win races. Cannondale has been hooked on XC racing since the beginning. For 20 years Cannondale engineers have been perfecting their lightweight suspension fork through endless testing and countless hours creating one of the best cross-country performance forks.

Cannondale Electric Mountain Bikes

Cannondale’s E-MTB or electric pedal assist e-mountain bike model is the Moterra Neo which is available as a full-suspension bike. Offered in five varying builds with either a carbon fiber or an aluminum frame, these electric bikes are simple to use and fun to ride. With the new Bosch Performance Line CX & 750Wh battery, getting there was easy and now it’s time for the fun to begin: 170mm/165mm of travel; piggy back shock and burly build; this pedal assist motor is ready to give as much as you are.

Cannondale Electric Road Bikes

Fast, electric carbon fiber E-Road bikes have become both fashionable and popular due to their simple and lightweight designs. The Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 1 flagship electric pedal-assist carbon fiber road bike opens the roadway for those in whose desire it is to pedal farther with less output.  The Synapse Neo endurance road bike offers more comfort on the road.

Cannondale Electric Gravel Bikes

Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty E-Gravel bikes are carbon fiber front suspension bikes built with Cannondale’s revered and unique Lefty suspension system. Lightweight components top it all off for comfortable gravel grinding on longer rides. Topstone Neo models without suspension complete Cannondale’s impressive eGravel bicycle lineup.

Shop New & Used Bikes For Sale

Riding bikes, or cycling is a fun healthy sport and exercise activity for anyone to enjoy. Bicycle riding is also a popular form of commuting to and from work or for local transportation from home to get groceries or for local shopping. The bicycle is one of the greatest inventions known to man. Cycle Limited buys and sells premium new and used bikes all over the world. Whether you are buying a new or used bike for sale, buying the best bike for your money is important. Buying a used bike is sensible, smart, and easier on your wallet than buying a bike at MSRP. Cycle Limited buys and sells bikes for all types of riding, or categories of cycling, whether you are new to the sport of cycling or are an experienced bike racer Cycle Limited has a great selection to fit your cycling needs.  

Cycle Limited sells a great selection of premium used road, mountain, gravel, triathlon, and e-bikes such as e-mtb, e-road, and e-gravel bikes. 

Every new bike sold at Cycle Limited and all previously owned used bikes Cycle Limited sells is Cycle Limited Certified. This means that all bikes sold at Cycle Limited are fully serviced and all bikes are expertly tuned by our professional bike mechanics prior to being listed for sale. All bicycle parts and bicycle components that are no longer usable, or are no longer safe and are worn beyond being reliable, are replaced prior to being listed for sale on our website. 

One of the many benefits of buying a certified used bicycle from Cycle Limited is that, often times, the previous owner may have upgraded the bicycle you would like to buy with new drivetrain components, new carbon fiber disc wheels, a suspension fork or a new rear shock, which saves you money and makes your new, used bike more fun to ride and to own.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are bikes meant to be ridden on paved or asphalt roads. Road bicycles are, in general, built to be agile and lightweight equipped with frame materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, or aluminum so they are easier to pedal uphill and to gain speed for pedaling efficiency. Road bike wheels are made from aluminum or carbon fiber and today’s current braking systems are mostly hydraulic disc brakes which makes it much easier to stop safely and to control speed for safety. 

Modern road bike shifting and braking can either be mechanical, with cables, or with electronic, battery operated shifting which relieves any confusion riders may have learning how to shift road bike derailleurs.  Modern road bikes are aerodynamic and designed to slice through the air which increases speed and efficiency making road bikes fast. Although road bikes are built without suspension they are very comfortable to ride for hours with a proper bike fit.  

New and Used Road Bikes for sale at Cycle Limited include popular road bike models such as a Specialized Tarmac, Trek Madone, and the Pinarello Dogma.  

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are built with a front suspension fork or with front and rear suspension systems. A front suspension mountain bike is known as a hardtail. A full suspension mountain bike has a front suspension fork and a rear suspension shock built into the bike’s frame which gives mountain bikers the ability to handle rough terrain uphill and downhill. Most mountain bike suspensions are either made by Fox Racing MTB or RockShox. 

Modern mountain bikes are built with varying lengths of suspension travel. Suspension travel determines the type of mountain biking a bike will be capable of withstanding while being ridden on rigged trails or down mountains. Cross country or XC mountain bikes offer less travel but the entire bike weighs less so it is agile and easier to climb or ascend on up or on mountain trails. Mountain bike frames are built using raw materials – the most popular mountain bike frames are built with carbon or aluminum. 

Trail bikes, enduro bikes, and downhill mountain bikes have longer travel options on both the front and rear suspension enabling riders to launch off bigger drops and to absorb bigger jumps and rocks on technical trails offroad. Modern development of mountain bikes has greatly improved because of rider demand and from mountain bike racing and modern design and engineering. 

Gravel Bikes

What is a gravel bike? Much like an overbuilt road bike, or an underbuilt cross country mountain bike, gravel bikes have flared carbon fiber drop bars and 700c or 29 inch aluminum or carbon wheels. Oftentimes, a gravel bike will have a front suspension fork, though a full rigid frame and fork are most common. Front and rear suspension on gravel bikes is less popular. Gravel biking is a popular segment of bike riding, if not the fastest growing cycling category and gravel bike racing has become an exciting aspect of cycling. Many former or retired road bike racing professionals have become gravel racers with more involvement of the UCI.

Components offered from Shimano and SRAM are gravel specific and are built with more robust and sturdy designs designed to be capable of handling rough dirt roads and smooth singletrack trails and riverbank roads or trails next to railroad tracks or in mountainous logging roads. Gravel bike tires are wider than road bike tires and are usually 35c or 40c or 45c wide and are usually ridden without innertubes and use tubeless tire sealant allowing for lower tire pressures which gives the rider a more comfortable and secure ride on rough roads.  

Desirable gravel bike frames are built using carbon fiber for a smoother or a more supple ride characteristic such as the Specialized Diverge and Crux, the Trek Checkpoint, or the 3T Exploro. Titanium gravel bike frames are very popular like the Moots Routt 45 or the Litespeed Ultimate G2. Aluminum remains a less expensive and an ideal frame material for bike manufacturers to use for gravel bikes as they tend to be more affordable and yet still remain lightweight and fun to ride. 

Time Trial / Triathlon

Racing against the clock has endured the test of time for well over a hundred years of bike racing. TT bikes, or time trial bicycles, are very similar to triathlon bikes though the two types are built in accordance with the UCI for racing purposes.  

Tri-bikes are designed and built for riding fast on the road. Triathlon bikes are usually slightly heavier than road bikes, though many of the same components are used. Time Trial bikes are aerodynamic carbon fiber or aluminum bikes used for racing in triathlons or in time trial racing both for individual or team racing on closed roadway race courses. Cycle Limited sells time trial and triathlon bikes, usually premium or high-end yet used, or previously owned, at a greatly decreased cost below manufacturers suggested retail prices and in excellent condition.  

Popular triathlon bikes models are the Specialized Shiv, Trek Speed Concept, and the Cervelo P-series bikes like the P3 or P5. 


Electric bikes, or e-bikes as they are commonly referred to today, are bicycles built with an electric motor to assist the rider either fully operational with or without pedaling. Cycle Limited buys and sells premium e-bikes such as e-road and e-mtb bikes. Most electric bikes for sale are known as pedal assist where the electric motor turns on while the rider pedals the bike which lessens the amount of physical stress the rider must ensure to ride any distance. 

There are electric bike kits allowing owners to install upgraded batteries and electric motors to increase the length of battery life and extend the life of the e-bicycle. E-bikes such as e-MTB bike frames are mostly built using either carbon fiber or aluminum keeping the weight of these heavier bikes to a minimum.  

E-bikes make riding bikes possible for older adults or for those with a handicap yet still desire to ride and pedal a fun bike outdoors. Being outside on your bike never gets old and modern electric bicycles are safe, comfortable with suspension either front or rear or full-suspension with wide, knobby tires and electric lights for riding safety. 

Some of the best electric bikes for sale at Cycle Limited are the Specialized Turbo Levo, Trek Domane+ AL 5, and the carbon fiber Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo e-road bike.

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