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Located in Palm Beach County’s beautiful Boca Raton, Cycle Limited is an online retailer of high-end premium used bikes. Cycle Limited buys, sells, and trades used bicycles in the top categories of cycling: road, gravel, and mountain bikes.

Yes, we also buy superb examples of TT or triathlon, electric, cross, and fat bikes. Through our unique process of buying and selling these fantastic used bikes, Cycle Limited has become your trusted and convenient used bike online retailer.

When anyone buys any used item from anyone with the intention of reselling that item, we should all have criteria to follow including condition, value, desirability, and marketability of the item to be sold to a new owner of that previously used item. Cycle Limited is no different in that regard and we stand by our bikes with our 14-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Each of our bikes is CLCP Certified, or “Cycle Limited Certified Pre-owned.” This certification guarantees your bike to be free of any structural damage and function as new. Each bike is extensively cleaned including a full tune-up and service of the drivetrain.

Every bike we sell has passed multiple inspections ensuring the drivetrain, along with all of the bike’s components, meet our standards and qualifications in order to be offered to customers. All Cycle Limited bicycles are ready to ride right out of the box.

In order for our customers to buy and ride a used bike with profound confidence, Cycle Limited understands it is absolutely necessary to go above and beyond for the sake of safety. Each bike’s entire drivetrain has been fully cleaned, lubed, and inspected for major wear and tear as well as being professionally adjusted to ensure it is functioning properly. If needed, we will replace chains and cassettes in-house as well as worn small parts or components that may require replacement including grips/bartape, saddles, brake pads, tires, and wheelsets.


All used bicycles we are interested in buying will have originally retailed for a minimum of $2000.00 and were manufactured no later than 2010 (in most cases). Cycle Limited does not discriminate and accepts new and used bikes from individuals, bicycle shops, and manufacturers nationwide. Beautiful used bikes of all makes and models are always welcome to be submitted.

Our talented team of experts will determine your bike’s value and will email you an offer valid for 7 days within 24 hours upon submitting your bike on our sell/trade form

In the event your bike doesn’t meet our specified criteria, it is helpful for you to know that, yes...there are exceptional bikes we are interested in buying that may have been new decades earlier and certain bikes may still hold value in every regard such as collectible models, or documented former Grand Tour stage winning bikes, for instance.

Perhaps you own an original World Cup winning YETI and would like to save yourself the trouble of “trying to sell” it. Let’s face it - selling a used bike on your own can truly be a headache. Cycle Limited relieves you of that trepidation.

The bikes sold at Cycle Limited are desirable brands and are popular models of bikes road cyclists, gravel riders, and mountain bikers are familiar with and are interested in buying. Because of our CLCP Certification, the bikes we sell save our customers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars buying superb pre-owned bikes as opposed to paying MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for a brand new bike.

Ideally, we would like to buy and sell every safe and reliable bicycle keeping them all active in the quivers of cyclists. We love cycling and keeping bikes out of garages, sheds, spare bedrooms and basements and would rather see them ridden regularly shredding singletrack, melting tarmac, or grinding gravel planting giant smiles across riders everywhere. Again, although our bikes are pre-owned, our superb mechanics ensure your premium bike will ride and perform as good as it did when it was brand new. Our customers deserve only the best when buying a pre-owned bike online from Cycle Limited.

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Setting an industry standard

At Cycle Limited, we're not just about bikes; we're about setting the standard for pre-owned bikes.

Founded in South Florida, our team has curated the nation's most expansive selection of certified pre-owned bikes ready for you to ride. Every bicycle showcased on our website is certified pre-owned, ensuring it meets both your high standards and ours.

Rigorously inspected, our bikes promise a 'like-new' experience without the premium price tag.

Beyond the bike

It's the journey – and we're with you every pedal of the way. Need financing? We've got your back. Fancy a global shipment? We're already packing. And if the winds change and you decide to hang up those cycling shoes? No hard feelings; we'll gladly buy back that bike when you're done. Top-notch support, stellar customer service, and a dash of Cycle Limited charm – that's the ride we offer.

Ready to kickstart your adventure? 🚴‍♂️🌎

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