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Ignited by passion

Who We Are

Founded by Danny in sunny Boca Raton, Cycle Limited stands as a beacon in the pre-owned bike industry. We've streamlined the buying and selling process, making it as straightforward and convenient as possible. Our team, a blend of avid cyclists and industry professionals, ensures that every transaction is handled with expertise and care. Trust us to offer you "like-new" bikes without the hefty price tag of a brand-new purchase. At Cycle Limited, we're not just providing a service; we're your trusted partner in the world of cycling. Ride with confidence, knowing you're getting unmatched value and quality with every purchase.

two cycle limited employees posing in the bike shop

Our Relationships

Who We Work With

Cycle Limited began by building relationships within our local cycling community in South Florida, which has rapidly driven our expansion worldwide. Today, we collaborate with a diverse network of bike shops, manufacturers, and individual sellers across the globe. Our approach is unique — we leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance your experience, yet we maintain the personal touch that transforms customers into lifelong friends. We're not just a bike retailer; we're a community builder. From local riders to national partners, we value each relationship, consistently prioritizing mutual trust and respect.

Join Cycle Limited — where genuine connections drive a shared passion for cycling.