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A commitment to excellence

Cycle Limited's Certification

At Cycle Limited, we believe that excellence is a journey, not a destination. With every bike that rolls out of our doors, we want to ensure it's not just a purchase but a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality. Each bike echoes our commitment to precision, reliability, and unmatched performance.

Introducing Our Certification Program

Our certification process is methodically structured, emphasizing each stage that a pre-owned bike undergoes to meet our and your high standards. Here’s a look into our thorough process:

  • Initial Assessment

    Master mechanics closely examine the condition of each bike. Cycle Limited does not buy structurally compromised (cracked or broken) frames, forks, or wheels.

  • Frame / Fork Inspection

    Thorough Frame and Fork Inspection for Structural Integrity and Safety.

  • Wheel Examination

    Every wheelset is closely inspected, trued, dished, and tensioned verifying alignment and overall health of how a bike rides. All hub bearings are inspected, serviced, or replaced as needed.  

  • Component Check

    All components are inspected and tested for functionality and performance. Should any part require replacement, we replace that part ensuring the rideability of the bike and our customer’s confidence and safety.

  • Suspension Test

    All suspension systems undergo a complex, comprehensive inspection for necessary suspension performance. Optimal performance of dampers, lockouts, and seals make or break how a suspension bike rides.  Stanchions and shafts are closely inspected and documented in our detailed photos.

  • Braking System Verification

    Just as applying full power to the pedals is essential, stopping and braking with confidence is equally critical. Our meticulous brake maintenance includes bleeding brake lines, replacing or servicing pads, replacing or straightening rotors and cables, ensuring that each bike comes to a stop with remarkable precision and control.

  • Electronics Evaluation

    We subject all electronic components to rigorous testing, meticulous rewiring, and thorough updates, scrutinizing them for peak performance. Our eService plays a pivotal role in our comprehensive process, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of electronic systems.

  • Consumables Replacement

    We proactively address crucial consumable replacements, encompassing essential components like saddles, brake pads, grips, bar tapes, tires, cables and housing, ball bearings, chains, cassettes, and more. Our commitment to maintaining your bike's peak performance leaves no room for hesitation.

  • Test Ride

    Essential test rides, performed by our mechanics, ensure cycling performance that aligns with Cycle Limited's strict standards.

  • Final Approval

    Once each bike clearly passes all nine stages above it is then photographed and listed for sale online at Cycle Limited as an authorized Certified Pre-Owned bicycle with our seal of certification

cycle limited employee measuring the size of a bike frame

Transparency with Every Purchase

  • Specifications: We provide a detailed sheet for each bike, giving a clear overview of its components. All specs including weight are documented for the exact bike in the photos. 
  • In-Depth Imagery: Our in-house photographer captures the present unedited condition of every bike, ensuring you have a clear and concise understanding of the bikes condition before purchase.
  • Mechanic notes and comments: Each bike carries notes from our mechanics, highlighting any specific features or points of importance.
packaged box with cycle limited branding containing a bicycle, placed outside a doorstep

From Cycle Limited to Your Doorstep

Our bikes aren’t just delivered; they're presented. Packaged with utmost care to ensure when it reaches you, it's more about mounting and riding rather than hours of assembly. We’re all about getting you back to the thrill of the ride ASAP.

Why Cycle Limited Stands Out

Our inventory isn't just extensive; it's a curated collection of certified pre-owned bikes, each echoing our commitment to quality. At Cycle Limited, we don’t just offer products; we present cycling partners, reliable companions for all your journeys ahead. Your trust drives us, and every bike we offer is a reflection of our promise of excellence.