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Choosing the perfect wheels can significantly enhance your cycling experience, breathing new life into an older model or accentuating the capabilities of a new bike. Cycle Limited offers an extensive selection of wheels for every type of bike and every specific requirement within each cycling discipline. Whether you're looking for a durable set for daily use, seeking a competitive advantage with race-ready wheels, or something that fits right in the middle, Cycle Limited has an option to suit your needs. Our diverse range ensures that every cyclist finds the perfect match to elevate their ride

Mountain Bike Wheels

At first glance, mountain bike wheels may appear quite similar, but upon closer inspection, the diversity in rim shapes, widths, spokes, and hubs is substantial.

While carbon MTB wheels are often a top consideration for their lightness and responsive design, thanks to precision molding techniques, aluminum mountain bike wheels hold a significant place too. These wheels, typically heavier, are known for their reliability and affordability.

Mountain bike wheels are a crucial component for any off-road cycling enthusiast, offering a blend of durability, performance, and control that's essential for tackling rugged terrain. At Cycle Limited, we understand the importance of choosing the right set of wheels to enhance your mountain biking experience. Our extensive collection features wheels designed to withstand the challenges of mountain biking, from rocky climbs to technical descents. With options ranging from lightweight carbon for agility and speed to sturdy aluminum for reliability and strength, our range caters to every rider's needs. The variety in rim widths, depths, and spoke configurations ensures that whether you're a cross-country racer or a trail adventurer, you'll find the perfect match to improve traction, stability, and handling. Explore our selection of top brands and cutting-edge designs to find the ideal mountain bike wheels that will transform your ride and elevate your performance on the trails.

Road Bike Wheels

Road bike wheels are a pivotal upgrade that can dramatically transform your cycling experience. At Cycle Limited, we recognize the significance of these components in enhancing both the aesthetics and performance of your road bike. The difference between standard round spokes and aerodynamically efficient bladed spokes can be subtle yet impactful, offering a noticeable increase in speed. Upgrading from a conventional shallow 30mm aluminum rim to a deeper 50mm carbon rim not only changes the bike's appearance but also significantly improves aerodynamics and ride quality. The choice of rim type is also crucial in road cycling. Tubular rims, where the tire is glued to the rim, are a traditional choice in racing circles, favored for their advantages in climbing, cyclocross, and track racing. Clincher and tubeless options present more versatility; tubeless setups, in particular, offer reduced rolling resistance and the ability to run lower tire pressures for increased grip and comfort. Many of our wheelsets are compatible with both clincher and tubeless tires, providing flexibility and convenience to our customers.

In the realm of road bike wheels, the variety of brands and materials available is vast. At Cycle Limited, our selection of road bike wheels caters to a wide range of preferences and requirements, ensuring that every rider finds the perfect match to optimize their road cycling experience.

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