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Unlocking the perfect bike

Meet your bike sensei

Discover the true essence of a tailored cycling experience with our Bike Sensei service. At Cycle Limited, we understand that every cyclist has unique needs and aspirations. 

Our Bike Sensei, a seasoned expert from the Cycle Limited team, is here to guide you through the vast world of road, mountain, and gravel bikes, ensuring you find the perfect fit tailored to your adventures.


Customized Consultation: Dive deep into what you seek in a bike, from features to feel.


Expert Knowledge: Lean on years of cycling expertise to find your ideal match.

All-encompassing Range: Explore a vast selection, from our road to mountain and gravel bikes.


Fit for All: Bikes curated for every size and every adventurer

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Booking your session

Ready to embark on a journey to find your dream bike? Book a complimentary consultation with our Bike Sensei.

Let's tailor your cycling experience to perfection.

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What our customers say


“I initially approached the Bike Sensei service with some expectations, but I must admit, the depth of expertise and advice I received surpassed my expectations. I now have a Trek Fuel EX 8 bike that perfectly suits my needs.”

Rebecca T.

“Being entirely new to cycling, the vast number of options was overwhelming. The team at Cycle Limiteds guidance, though, was like a compass in unfamiliar territory. Thanks to them, I feel confident in my purchase and excited about my cycling journey.”

Liam K.

“After relocating to Colorado, I wanted to transition from road cycling to mountain biking. Vinny took the time to understand my past experiences and future goals, ensuring I chose a bike that would serve me well on mountain trails. ”

Sophie N.

“Working within a strict budget, I assumed my options would be limited. But Cycle Limited proved me wrong. They found me a bike that was both in my budget and of excellent quality checkmarking all of my requirements. It's clear they prioritize their customers' needs. And I am very happy with my new to me Pinarello Dogma!”

Jordan B.

“I was genuinely surprised by the level of dedication. After my initial consultation with Cycle Limited where it was determined I would be happiest with a Cannondale Topstone, they reached out a few weeks later when they got one in stock that matched my size. It's rare to find that level of tailored service and it really is a perfect match. Thank you Cycle Limited!”

Manual R.

“I had my heart set on exploring gravel tracks. After a detailed consultation session with Cycle Limited, I was directed to a gravel bike that ticked all the boxes - performance, comfort, and within my budget. Their product knowledge is truly commendable.”

Elaine F.

“The professional approach at Cycle Limited stood out from the start. They took the time to understand my requirements, resulting in a road bike that has since become an extension of me on every ride. I will say I have used other “bike consultation” services that are out there, but my experience with Cycle Limited’s Bike Sensei has far surpassed the rest.”

Gregory L.

“Finally! A bike consultation with a team that actually knows their stuff. I learned more in my 30 minute call than I have in my years of cycling and chatting with bike shop owners all around. The Cycle Limited team taught me so much and their bike knowledge was evident. They helped me determine the next bike to add to my collection and I am very excited to take this one out on the road!”

Nadia S.

“The personalized approach of Bike Sensei was a game-changer. My mountain biking adventures have been transformed thanks to the bike they recommended.”

Isaac M.

“As someone venturing into cycling for the first time, I was looking for more than just a bike; I needed guidance. Cycle Limited provided that and more, ensuring I started on a strong footing. Their patience and expertise made all the difference. Thank you so much!”

Jasmine W.