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Selling a bike

How do I sell/trade my used bike?

To sell/ trade your pre-owned bike, visit our sell / trade section on our website to fill out the form where you can give details on your bike and upload photos. Once we have received the completed form and pictures of your bike, We will send you an email within 24 hours with our custom offer if we are interested. The email will include both a cash offer and a store credit offer. If the bike does not meet our standards, we will send you an email to let you know your submission has been reviewed, but unfortunately does not qualify for an offer.

What are the requirements for the bike to be considered for a cash/store credit offer. 

We are interested in bikes with an MSRP of $1,500+ in good to excellent condition with no structural damage. Typically we aim for bikes 2010 or newer, but we will make exceptions on individual bikes. We buy all types of bikes whether it’s a new or used mountain bike, road bike, triathlon, gravel, etc.

When selling a bike to Cycle Limited, where can I locate a suitable box in order to ship the bike?

Boxes are available at your local bike shop. Shops will often have bike boxes available and would love to share them with you, usually for very low cost.  Ask your local bike shop for their expertise in boxing your bike professionally to ensure it arrives to us safely. 

Do I have to pay for shipping when selling a bike to Cycle Limited ?

No, Cycle Limited will cover shipping costs and send you a prepaid shipping label once you accept your custom offer.

How long will it take me to get an offer for my bike if I want to sell it to Cycle Limited?

Once you submit your bike on the sell/trade form, we will send you a custom offer via email as soon as possible; often within 48 hours. 

How is the value of my bike determined?

The valuation of your bike at Cycle Limited is meticulously calculated by our buying team, who consider several key factors: the specific brand and model, any upgrades added to the bike, the bike's current physical and functional condition, and current market trends. This ensures a fair and competitive offer consistent with real-time industry standards.

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