About Us

Cycle Limited is a Boca Raton, Florida-based online retailer specializing in pre-owned, high-end bicycles. We buy, sell, and take trade-ins of desirable, modern bicycles nationwide and are always striving to make this process as seamless as possible for you. Upon purchasing a new bike many riders often wonder what to do with the bike from which they’re upgrading. Will it be ridden again? After all, your “old bike” is still an epic bike! Yet, most bikes remain in the quiver sitting unridden in our garages or spare bedrooms gathering dusty cobwebs. We want to buy that “extra, spare” bike while it’s still a desired bicycle someone else will want to own and ride!  Cycle Limited prides itself on supreme customer service and your satisfaction in order to ensure you RIDE MORE and stress less. Just as you do, we love riding bikes! When the bike you’re riding performs optimally it sure does make each ride that much more enjoyable. Each bike we sell is Cycle Limited Certified Pre-Owned (CLCP), which ensures your bike has meticulously undergone an official inspection guaranteeing the bike is free of any structural damage and performs like a new bike.