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How to Sell Your Bike to Cycle Limited

How to Sell Your Bike to Cycle Limited

How to Sell Your Bike to Cycle Limited

Let me guess… you have a bike you once loved, now sitting in your garage and you’re thinking of selling it? Well, that’s exactly what Cycle Limited is here to help you with. Selling your used bike to Cycle Limited is a breeze. Not only is selling your bike with Cycle Limited quick, easy, and convenient, but it also ensures that you get the most value for your pre-owned bike while your preloved bike gets a new home. 

Cycle Limited prides itself on buying used bikes in good to excellent condition that are 2010 and up with an MSRP of at least $2,000. Submitting your bike for a cash offer has never been so easy! To get started simply navigate onto the Cycle Limited website. Once you’re on the website, click on the Sell & Trade Tab on our site. There, you will find our brief form to fill out so that we can get you a cash offer within 24 hours. 

Pro tip: Make sure when writing your bike description to be very accurate so that you can get the best quote possible. Be sure to include at least two well-lit photos of your bike and notify us of any upgrades or damage so that we can give you a top-dollar quote for your used bike. 

Once you submit the online form via Cycle Limited’s website, you will get a quote for your bike by email within 24 hours, oftentimes even sooner. After accepting the cash offer made by Cycle Limited, you will get a prepaid shipping label emailed to you so you don’t have to worry about that cost, which can be quite hefty.

Next comes the packing. Usually this is a hassle, but not when working with Cycle Limited. Luckily, the shipping label is already paid for and there are a few options to pack and ship. We recommend you bring your bike to a local bike shop so that they can box and safely pack your bike to be shipped for a nominal fee. 

If you’d like to pack and ship your bike, yourself, feel free to do this as well. However,  most of our customers prefer having the bike shop pack the bike for them as they have the bike box, packing material, and experience doing so.

Don’t forget that Cycle Limited has Trade-in Partners nationwide. If your local bike shop isn’t already a Cycle Limited Trade-in Partner, feel free to lead them to our website so that they can sign up on the Partner Portal  in just a few minutes. Trading in your bike though a Trade-in Partner will give you a higher value offer and ensure your local bike shop gets the business by trading your bike there for a new one.

Once Cycle Limited receives your bike in our facility, we inspect it within 24 hours to ensure the description sent over was accurate. After this is complete, we send over the funds via PayPal.

Congrats on selling your bike and we’re happy to welcome you to the Cycle Limited Family, where we RIDE MORE AND STRESS LESS!

Setting an industry standard

At Cycle Limited, we're not just about bikes; we're about setting the standard for pre-owned bikes.

Founded in South Florida, our team has curated the nation's most expansive selection of certified pre-owned bikes ready for you to ride. Every bicycle showcased on our website is certified pre-owned, ensuring it meets both your high standards and ours.

Rigorously inspected, our bikes promise a 'like-new' experience without the premium price tag.

Beyond the bike

It's the journey – and we're with you every pedal of the way. Need financing? We've got your back. Fancy a global shipment? We're already packing. And if the winds change and you decide to hang up those cycling shoes? No hard feelings; we'll gladly buy back that bike when you're done. Top-notch support, stellar customer service, and a dash of Cycle Limited charm – that's the ride we offer.

Ready to kickstart your adventure? 🚴‍♂️🌎

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