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The Best Ways To Sell Your Used Bike

The Best Ways To Sell Your Used Bike

The Best Ways To Sell Your Used Bike

Selling your used bike can be one of the most daunting tasks of bike ownership. Most times, the bike you once loved ends up collecting dust and becomes a garage ornament tucked away by a rusty toolbox. There are a variety of ways to get rid of your used bike, but we’re here to show you the best ways to sell your pre-owned bike, while giving you some tips along the way.

Sell with Cycle Limited

Cycle Limited is an online pre-owned bike retailer specializing in high-end bikes. We offer our customers the opportunity to either sell their used bike for cash or trade in their bike towards a new purchase. Cycle Limited’s online Sell/Trade process is a quick and easy way to sell your bike with confidence and unlock the true value of your pre-owned bike.

Here at Cycle Limited, we are interested in buying bikes with an MSRP of $2,000 or more in good to excellent condition. Once you fill out our online Sell/ Trade form, you will receive a cash offer within 24 hours. An added benefit of selling your bike this way is that our top-dollar offer is based on our team’s bike expertise and there is no haggling necessary. Once you accept our offer, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label.

One thing to note when selling your bike anywhere is the cost of shipping, since it can add up and unknowingly reduce your overall profit. When packing your bike, there are a few ways you can do this. It is up to you to locate a box for shipping, but luckily many bike shops are already a Cycle Limited Partner, and can therefore pack and even ship the bike for you too, which we highly recommend. Alternatively, you can visit any local bike shop and pay a nominal fee for a bike box to then ship, yourself. 

Selling your bike with Cycle Limited supports environmental sustainability, since we pamper your pre-owned bike, CLCP certify it and find it a new home so that it can go back out on the trails or roads

Craigslist / Online Marketplace

An online marketplace such as Craigslist, gives you a free self promotional way to list your bike to a wide range audience, even international in scope. The posting process is as simple as uploading a few photos and writing your own description. While your post can reach a large audience free of charge, these platforms are very saturated so sometimes it may be worth paying for an ad so that it can be bumped to the top and attract more views. 

While a platform like Craigslist may offer these benefits, more often than not, it gives the seller a headache when dealing with scammers and haggling. Whether it be a transfer wire or cash in person, it has been found that these unregulated platforms have allowed people to scam the system with fraud. Since this marketplace is not exclusive to bike enthusiasts or professional cyclists, it is common to get lowball offers and deal with constant negotiating, which may not result in you ultimately getting the true value for your bike. 

A major concern with these online free marketplaces is how dangerous and invasive they can be. Inviting a stranger into your home to look at your bike is not only obviously dangerous, but also tends to waste your time. Yes of course, you can score big and strike a deal with the first interested buyer, but many times it’s not the first or second buyer that actually agrees with you on a price you’re happy with. 

If you don’t want to deal with packing or shipping the bike, Craigslist is a good option since it’s usually local, but other online marketplaces will require you to handle the task on your own. 

Thrift Store / Pawn Shop

In most places, although sometimes almost hidden, you can find a used sporting goods or pawn shop that will buy your used bike. This can be an alternative solution to getting your used bike out of your garage and can guarantee you fast cash. 

This does involve you physically transporting your bike and driving to the store, which can be out of the way, but it will get the job done. Be sure to know the true value of your bike though, because oftentimes these places will give you a below market offer and take advantage of the fact that you’re already there with your bike. This option will ultimately give you the least amount of money for your bike. Even though it may not allow you to get the most value for your bike, you can get quick cash without worrying about shipping the bike or counterfeit payment. 

Food for thought when selling your bike to a pawn shop is that your bike may not actually find itself in a new home and may begin collecting dust in a new place, even if it’s not yours.


eBay is a good way to reach a large pool of international buyers online, but it does come with its price. This online platform has its attractive aspects like its large reach and convenience, but it’s up to you to weigh it against the burden of large fees and risk of fraudulent payments.   

When selling a bike on eBay, you have to pay for shipping and split your commision with the platform, which takes away from your profit. Don’t forget, similar to Craigslist, eBay draws in a diverse crowd of people who will try to haggle with you and may not see the true value of your bike. 

eBay tends to favor the buyer typically, which in this case doesn’t always have your best interest at heart. This allows the buyer to return your bike even if they have caused damage to it and you virtually aren’t protected.

eBay shoppers tend to favor accounts that are trusted, meaning they have numerous customer reviews and high star ratings. This can be the downfall of being new to this platform since it will be more difficult to gain the trust of online shoppers without any reviews.  

No matter how you choose to sell your bike, there will be advantages and trade offs. It is up to you to decide what you care about most whether that be your time, security, sustainability, or unlocking the true value of your used bike. Stay tuned for more tips.

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