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WE BUY BIKES! Cycle Limited wants to buy your used premium mountain, road, or gravel bike

WE BUY BIKES! Cycle Limited wants to buy your used premium mountain, road, or gravel bike

WE BUY BIKES! Cycle Limited wants to buy your used premium mountain, road, or gravel bike

“Hold on, you want to…what…buy my pride and joy? Excuse me but I LOVE my bike! Why would I want to sell it? Okay, yes, it is used and I have ridden it to my full delight and I do have more than one of them and, yes, I’m not riding all of my bikes. Hmmm…maybe I should consider selling a bike, or two, while they still hold current market value.” By chance, did you have this conversation with yourself this morning while munching on your bowl of oatmeal? Many cyclists have considered selling their bikes but how do you go about doing this or to whom?

Cycle Limited will buy your used bike, today, at a premium price and you’ll be paid immediately once your bike has been inspected and all without the hassle of listing it yourself online and trying to sell it while answering endless phone calls, responding to piles of texts and lowball email offers. No more sketchy oddballs knocking at your door or suspicious heavy breather phone calls after 10 PM on a weekday.

Selling your bike has never been easier or more convenient for riders and cyclists. Cycle Limited is the world’s fastest growing online bicycle retailer specializing in buying and selling premium used bicycles. What defines the type of bicycle Cycle Limited is interested in buying? Any name brand bicycle manufactured by well-known and well represented companies such as Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, Scott, Santa Cruz, Cervelo, Yeti, BMC, and Orbea to name a few of the many quality, desirable brands. Cycle Limited also trades premium used bicycles and is interested in what you may have in mind when it comes to upgrading your current bike for another bike in our online inventory! 

What determines whether your bike is “premium” or not? Any desirable brand newer than 2010 that originally retailed for more than $2000.00 The condition of your bike is as important: if your frame has been damaged, repaired, or repainted; your rims are cracked; your bike is suspension equipped with a damaged rear shock shaft, or dented and scratched fork stanchions, Cycle Limited no longer considers that a desirable, premium, used/preowned bicycle. However, minimal normal use wear on a bike is expected.

Dust off that sweet beast growing cobwebs in the garage or tucked away in your amateur or former pro’s closet and submit it to our sell/trade form so someone else can continue riding it. Your old bike is an investment and it will pay-off for you to sell it today. Cycle Limited wants to buy your used bike whether you’re a roadie, a gravel grinder, or a full speed ahead mountain biker! It’s never been easier to sell your used bike.  Ride More – Stress Less!

Setting an industry standard

At Cycle Limited, we're not just about bikes; we're about setting the standard for pre-owned bikes.

Founded in South Florida, our team has curated the nation's most expansive selection of certified pre-owned bikes ready for you to ride. Every bicycle showcased on our website is certified pre-owned, ensuring it meets both your high standards and ours.

Rigorously inspected, our bikes promise a 'like-new' experience without the premium price tag.

Beyond the bike

It's the journey – and we're with you every pedal of the way. Need financing? We've got your back. Fancy a global shipment? We're already packing. And if the winds change and you decide to hang up those cycling shoes? No hard feelings; we'll gladly buy back that bike when you're done. Top-notch support, stellar customer service, and a dash of Cycle Limited charm – that's the ride we offer.

Ready to kickstart your adventure? 🚴‍♂️🌎

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