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How To Trade-In Your Used Bike At A Local Bike Shop

How To Trade-In Your Used Bike At A Local Bike Shop


Trading in your much-loved used bike at your local bike shop for a new bicycle, that new wonder machine you’ve been dreaming of owning and riding, has become much more common over the years. Many professional bike shops that are Cycle Limited Trade-In Partners will gladly take your desirable used bike off your hands for store credit.

“Credit? Trading? Geez - I just wanna ride my bike!” 



How to trade in your used bike through your local bike shop with Cycle Limited:

Today’s modern bicycles are certainly a luxury. Trading your older bike for a newer version is an intelligent way to stay current with new bike technology as well as maintaining the important relationship with your bike shop friends. You know, those dudes in the shop who wrench on your bike with love and care…the guys and gals enabling you to keep pedaling! The trade-in process with Cycle Limited is a great solution to create and form new relationships and a convenient way to trade in your current bike for credit towards a new one at your local bike shop.

Bring in your current bike to a participating Cycle Limited trade-in partner. If you are unsure if your local bike shop is affiliated with Cycle Limited, ask them.  If your local bike shop is not yet working with us, the shop may easily register as a Trade-In Partner in just minutes at our Partner Portal on our easy-to-use website. The shop will submit the bike to us for a quote and within 24 hours you will have a quote for your bike which you can now use as store credit with your local bike shop. It really is that simple.

Partner Portal



What if my local bike shop is not yet registered with Cycle Limited?

If your shop has not yet signed up with Cycle Limited, encourage them to sign up as a trade-in partner! Signing up, or registering, is quick and easy for any bike shop via our Partner Portal. Click the Partner Portal button on our homepage and it is all happy trails from there! Of course, this is all free for the shop.

As a Trade-In Partner, your shop is now ready to accept trade-ins. The shop will submit the bike to us for a quote and within 24 hours you will have a quote for your bike which you can now use as store credit with your local bike shop. This helps your shop sell new bikes and it helps you trade-up to that new bike you've had your eye on!  Unlock the value of your used bike with Cycle Limited at your local bike shop.

It really is that simple to trade-in your used bike at your local bike shop.

Can I sell my bike directly to Cycle Limited?

YES! While we prefer to work with respected, established, and awesome bike shops across the country, you may sell your bike directly to Cycle Limited if that is your preference. To submit your bike for an offer please visit our Sell/Trade form.
You may also be in the market for a different model of bike or a new brand or style of bike. Cycle Limited has a fantastic inventory of superb and beautiful mountain, road, and gravel bikes we’d love to sell or trade to you!

Our aim at Cycle Limited is to not be limited but to be limitless and open up doors for the shop we work with as partners and for our valued customers. What we want is to help make selling your used bike as easy, simple, and as fun as possible. Our goal is to ensure more bikes are being ridden and more people are having the best of times riding bikes whether you’re trading-in a bike at your favorite bike shop or selling us your used bike directly. Cycle Limited keeps you riding! 


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